Kid's activity areas for Ribfest 2022:

Midway is open during normal Ribfest hours.  Other kid's activities will operate from opening until early evening.  


Magical Midways  

 Click here to purchase Midway Presale Passes 


Guelph Grotto

Rock climbing is a fun and exciting sport and a great way to build strength, flexibility and promote an active, healthy lifestyle.  Climbing is a unique activity and enriching experience. The Grotto has been a proud member of the Guelph community since 1994 and is excited to be participating, again, in Ribfest 2022. Come and try a free climb on our outdoor portable climbing wall.  For more information on the Guelph Grotto, visit our website at

MakinFaces Facepainting

We are a crew of multi award winning face & body painting artists. This is not a sideline for us - this is what we love doing.

Our Artists are known for their artistic ability & each individual unique style. Using bold colours, unusual patterns or developing characters/animals, each item is done individually at your request.  MakinFaces artists have won awards across many genres and at numerous community events for their art.

Ribfest is pleased to welcome them back to our 2022 event.


Guelph Storm

Guelph Storm player(s) will be present at their booth throughout the day signing autographs & interacting with the kids.  They are bringing a large cornhole style game where kids can try out their hockey skills.  The Storm mascot will be in the park for a portion of each day (time not yet determined). 



The Guelph Curling Club is bringing Street Curl to Ribfest so kids can try curling in a unique way. Curling is a social, athletic and strategic team sport, played on ice, where teams deliver stones toward a target. Street Curl gives you a chance to try your curling skills in a comparable way. You can find out more about curling and the Guelph Curling Club by visiting our website at

Ribfest Countdown Ribfest Countdown

Bring Fill Drink

Water will not be sold at this event. 
Bring your water bottles for a free fill up at the City of Guelph Water Wagon

Classic Car Show at Guelph Ribfest Classic Car Show at Guelph Ribfest

Guelph Ribfest Rotary Club Trillium
The organizers, vendors, sponsors and staff wish to thank you in advance for when you visit this years Guelph Ribfest. In an effort to maintain a safe, clean, and fun-filled family atmosphere, pets will not be able to enjoy Ribfest firsthand.
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